31 mai 2010

their own time

I think. I've been hooked. An Discount MBT Shoesaddictive, miss you ~

everyone's mind, you miss all the people.

relatives, lovers or friends.

miss sometimes there is no way to control their own time, simply go on down the missing memories of it!
If I was your girlfriend, I told you every day I love you, Why do not kiss you;

If I was your girlfriend, I will do strange things, forces you to try in front of my face a small mouth, small


If I was your girlfriend, I want you to hold my hand crossing the road, would not appear to vehicles;

If I was your girlfriend, I want you with me, like kids, holding hands dangling, from time to time I turn it

360 degrees, see you bare called me with bad teeth;

girlfriend if I were you, I will personally help you Tiaoyi Fu, pick bracelet, pick handsome pair of jeans, so

are the envy of every girl I have a good spirit boyfriend;

If I was your girlfriend, I would fumble for your whole organization of light gray wool scarf, although the

first few rows you will find a small hole, but you must also encouraged me to say than Heng Yuan Xiang's also


If I was your girlfriend, I want you to take me to see the tragedy of the film, came out still crying, I want

you to coax me that is just the film, we do not like that;

If I was your girlfriend, I will go shopping when hungry suddenly shouted, and then let you take me to eat hot

pot, point at a large table vegetables, eating onlyMBT Shoes Sale say eat a little, and see your eyes wide open kind of

incredible despair the poor, because I want you to have eaten them all, hey, hot pot for the longest time, I

like to watch what you eat fast food Chengsi the satisfactory end ;

If I was your girlfriend, I will fight after getting a drink, then sat in high places a person at the distant

cry; if I'm wrong, you should call me so angry more expensive long-distance I will call you, and then quietly

listen to you obediently not want to sigh and then my voice lessons, I blushed bit his lip, secretly glad that

conspiracy has succeeded;

if I'm your girlfriend, I will get the upper hand when the very self assertive, good equipment when weak, makes

you feel wonder, why the aggrieved party's clear that you can cry foul of it always I;

If I was your girlfriend, I will give you many, many lovely and simple-minded, from the nickname, something all

right for the call;

If I was your girlfriend, I will seduce you like on my favorite snacks, ice cream, wonderful crisp corner,

there is cake, you could not have said I do not walk Chi Xuegao lady of courage and reason;

If I was your woman Friends, I will give you enough buddy child in front of you face, and then secretly count

you owe me a few kicks or torsion;

If I was your girlfriend, I'll own looks prettyMBT Shoes Clearance happy, I do not have that other people know you are a Mighty


If I was your girlfriend, I will just stupid in front of you, make you pleasantly surprised to find that In the

eyes of the wise I would have committed the ice only you know, mentally wrong;

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